Quincy Smelter

No tour at Quincy is complete without visiting the historic Quincy Smelter (1898) located on Hancock's waterfront. It is the oldest and most intact smelter from this period in the world, and visitors can tour the works and learn about the final processes involved in moving copper from ore to finished product. The Smelter tours end on Labor Day, but on-demand tours are available depending on conditions and guide availability (please call the number listed below for more information). Because this is an industrial site, proper footwear in the form of closed-toe shoes (hiking boots or shoes) is recommended: sandals, flip-flops or other open-toe footwear is not recommended. For more information call (906) 482-3101.
The hearths and furnaces may be cool, the buildings quiet and contemplative, but this is a chance to step back into history and see where just under 1 BILLION pounds of copper were processed,  helping America grow frow a largely agricultural nation to an industrial powerhouse. Much of the machinery from the 1890s and earlier is intact, including Corliss steam engines, as well as the casting plant. The smelter was a major investment for Quincy, helping the company achieve its reputation as "Old Reliable" in the industry.