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Quincy Mine is nestled in the quiet town of Hancock, MI. Part of the Keweenaw National Historical Park, Quincy Mine offers guests the opportunity to step back in time to the copper boom that swept through the area starting in the early 1840s. 

Enjoy the views overlooking Houghton and Hancock as you journey down the hillside on the Cog Tram to the entrance of level 7 

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Quincy Mine
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Sara RamseySara Ramsey
15:13 13 Jun 24
This was an awesome tour! Our tour guide was great and knew alot of the history of the mines.
Thomas FriskThomas Frisk
20:33 12 Jun 24
Well worth the trip. Fantastic place and history- you must take the full tour down into the mine to get a feeling of what Miners went through.
Vaidehi ChipkarVaidehi Chipkar
22:45 11 Jun 24
Kyle LemkeKyle Lemke
19:34 10 Jun 24
Maria RoscoeMaria Roscoe
20:57 17 May 24
This was by far one of the highlights of our trip! Ben our tour guide was very knowledgeable and great storyteller! We had a blast getting to know more about the area!
Daniel FinstromDaniel Finstrom
20:53 31 Mar 24
This was a great tour! The guide was well-spoken, thorough, and uniquely knowledgeable. My group of six and I enjoyed ourselves. The tour was well worth the money and our time.
Stephanie nStephanie n
05:17 29 Mar 24
Awesome experience! They opened for us during the off season after we contacted. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable. No question was unanswered. Definitely worth it.
Kaylee LaudickKaylee Laudick
00:41 31 Oct 23
The Quincy Mine Tour exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who set the tone for an incredible experience. The tour was not only fascinating but also highly informative. I learned so much about the history of the mine, the lives of the miners, and the mining industry itself.Our guide was not only passionate but also had so much knowledge to offer. He explained the mining process, shared captivating stories, and answered all of our questions with enthusiasm. The underground tour was an eye-opening journey into the depths of the mine.The price of the tour was absolutely justified considering the wealth of information and the unique experience it provided. It's a remarkable value for the knowledge and insights you gain.I wholeheartedly recommend the Quincy Mine Tour to anyone visiting the area. It's a captivating, educational, and incredibly worthwhile experience that gives you a profound understanding of the region's history.P.S. A perfect rainy day activity as well.
Nancy RosenbaumNancy Rosenbaum
19:23 26 Oct 23
I learned a lot about the history of mining and Quincy mine in particular. It was so interesting to go into the adit and get a sense of what it might have been like. It makes me appreciate the life of miners.
Tim SnowTim Snow
23:12 25 Oct 23
Gina TuellGina Tuell
22:28 24 Oct 23
Joe NelsonJoe Nelson
17:35 16 Oct 23
This was a great tour. They did awesome at connecting all the dots of the mining history in the area. The tour guide is very knowledgeable on not just the Quincy Mine, but the whole area and it's mining history. They do different things to show you how mining used to be. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 and not a 5 is because the price is pretty steep in my opinion.
Ashley ConnellAshley Connell
23:06 09 Sep 23
A great tour that was rich in history. It gives you a realistic history and greater respect for the miners who worked here. Our guide was very knowledgeable and was able to answer a variety of guest questions. It is chilly so bring layers to wear. We were a little nervous about the length of the tour, but we took our kids (9, 7, and 4) and they all enjoyed it. Leave yourself some extra time to explore the buildings, gift shop, and the rest of the grounds here.
The Abled TravelerThe Abled Traveler
22:33 17 Aug 23
This is a must see if you want to hear about the rich history of mining in Michigan. At one point the Upper Peninsula was a rich area of resources. This mine tour is very accessible, make sure you call ahead so they can prepare to have a staff member guide you on the accessible tour. They will allow you drive down the hill to park near the building where the tour begins as you will see in picture 1. There is a short video they play and then some short walking to the first area of the tour with about 6 stairs (they do have an elevator to go up). The first portion is about 20-30 minutes and at one point you will need to go up more stairs or you can walk around the side of the building to get to the first part of the tour. After that you will head to a tram that will take you down the hill and there is about a 200-foot walk and slight incline on gravel to get to the tram. once at the bottom of the hill they then take the accessible individuals on to another tram that will drive you through the mine. Bring a jacket cause the mine is only usually in the 40's. At the end of the mine shaft there is another small 200-foot walk and about 20-30 minutes of standing. The ground is hard enough for a wheelchair to navigate. All in all, this tour was very accessible, and they had a tour guide that was trained to handle all of the accessible tours. Great experience and accessible to all.
Anne SturmAnne Sturm
20:21 16 Aug 23
This tour is fun! It is a long tour but definitely worth it if you have time! The tour guides do a wonderful job explaining how the mining worked and what they were looking for. The walking is pretty easy as it in a smooth walkway with crushed rock. Definitely wear pants and a sweatshirt or jacket. It is about 45°.
Thomas MosherThomas Mosher
23:36 11 Aug 23
Absolutely great tour! We are from downstate and was recommended the tour. Well worth it. I didn't get our guides name but she was very knowledgeable and made the tour fun. Full tour is just over 2 hours, but well worth it. If her bosses are seeing this it was the 3:45pm tour on 8/11. She was great! Highly recommend this tour.
Colin RogersColin Rogers
01:14 23 Jul 23
Went here on vacation while with my sisters. Everyone had a blast. Be prepared there is quite a bit of walking as you walk the whole mine and surrounding area. You do get a small tram ride down the hill which is fun. Bring warm clothes, waterproof boots and something water resistant as there is heavy amounts of water in the mine.
Jacoby PriceJacoby Price
02:14 17 Jul 23
This mining tour is amazing!! Just took my third tour with my family this week and it gets better every time. So much history to learn about everything around this Mine and everything in it. Yelmer was our tour guide and he went above and beyond with the tour and answering any questions we had!I highly recommend Quincy Mine Tours!
12:34 14 Jul 23
Very cool experience with the family. The tour guide was well-versed in the history of the mine, it’s equipment, and other items of interest. Gives you a high amount of respect and appreciation for what those miners went though.
DElightful PhotographyDElightful Photography
17:44 12 Jul 23
Interesting history, great tour! It was 43 degrees on level 7 where the walking tour took place. 30 levels total. Interesting geological features pointed out by our tour guide. Learned how Lake Superior was formed and they had working mining artifacts. Highly recommended!
Melissa BradleyMelissa Bradley
21:35 09 Jul 23
We visited the Quincy Mine in Hancock Michigan on July 5 2023 and took the mine tour. The mine tour lasted approximately 1.5 hours and the following is a description of our experience. The tour starts and ends in the Shaft No. 2 hoist house. We selected hard hats which must be worn during the tour. There was a brief introductory video, then the guide took us into the part of the building where the hoist is housed. The hoist is an absolutely gigantic machine which must be seen to be believed. Our guide explained the history and operation of the hoist and how it was used to pull copper ore from the mine and transport workers. The guide gave a detailed explanation of how the hoist operator controlled the machinery. Very interesting. Then left the hoist building and entered a cog railway car to be taken down the mountain to the mine entrance. This was a slow ride but in a unique vehicle. We exited the cog railway car and walked a few yards to the mine entrance. The shaft you walk along into the mountain is horizontal and spacious (about 15' by 15'). The footing is good and the shaft is well lit. We were dressed in long pants and had jackets and we were glad because when they say the mine is at 43 degrees they are not kidding. The mine is wet with water dripping from the ceiling in spots but we were able to stay dry by watching where we walked. We walked about a half mile into the mountain with various stops where the guide explained the mine layout (most of the lower section is now flooded), how the miners drilled and blasted and removed the ore, and there was a good view of one of the original shafts (No. 5 I think) which was quite impressive. Then we walked back out and rode the cog railway back up to the hoist house and that was the end of the tour. There are other mine facilities you can tour on your own (the rock house is particularly impressive) and an excellent gift shop. Our tour ticket of the mine also included a tour of the Quincy copper smelting facility located elsewhere in Hancock and we toured this facility as well. Again, fascinating. We enjoyed our visit very much. It provides a window into a little known piece of history. Check it out if you get the chance! We didn't have any children with us but others in our tour group did and the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Adam DriscollAdam Driscoll
01:06 06 Jul 23
I'm a bit mine history buff and this place was fantastic. Lots to see and a bunch of information about mine. It's free to just walk around and the area is large. If you are passing through, it's worth a stop!
Dave RoseDave Rose
02:22 25 Jun 23
What a great experience! If you are looking for an entertaining and educational experience then look no further. You can’t go wrong with the full tour! The under ground experience was amazing. My 15 year old son was engaged the whole time. Our interpreter Dylan was engaging and knowledgeable. It was great to see a young person so passionate about the mine history and geology and most importantly the mission of the Quincy Mine Hoist Association. I had no idea the important work they are all doing to preserve this important Michigan and United States history.
Megan S.Megan S.
23:49 08 Jun 23
The tour was very good. The kids enjoyed the long walk through the mine. Full of interesting history. The gift shop has some wonderful treasures, be sure to check it out!
Dorothy M.W.P.Dorothy M.W.P.
04:47 08 Jun 23
Yesterday we had a great tour of the Quincy Copper Mine, Hancock, Michigan. Staff and tour guide very helpful and informative. I had not been in a mine before. I can’t imagine working in one, especially with only a candle stuck on your helmet like they did in the early days. Started mining in 1848 and continued till 1946. This area is so interesting.