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Michigan Gold & Silver

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Is there gold in those Upper Peninsula Hills? Yes! And Silver, too! Building from his original book, Michigan Gold, Dan Fountain expands the accounts of the quest for precious metals in the Upper Peninsula. Here, prospectors flocked for their chance at wealth, searching for a glint of gold or a vein of silver amid the better-known copper deposits. To this day, mining enthusiasts still search for the pockets of gold and silver rumored to be hiding in the hills of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. From the exploration of mine shafts of old, to the mechanized mining of the modern era, take a journey through geography and time, and learn details that help to pinpoint prospect areas for enthusiastic mineral buffs. If you love history, geology, treasure hunting or mining lore, it's all here in Michigan Gold & Silver.

Michigan Gold & Silver. Mining in the Upper Peninsula. By: Daniel R. Fountain.

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