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Mystic Michigan Part Four

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Did you know that there is a lost city in a Michigan forest with 30 foot Roman style archways?There are also towers, tunnels and basements that can actually still be seen! Have you heard rumors of an ancient metropolis buried under the waters of Lake Erie? Are you ready to explore Michigan’s incredible subterranean worlds or to seek out its lost gold mine and island treasures? From the underwater forest to the mystic tower, Mystic Michigan Part 4 compiles oddities that readers of all ages will find fascinating. Explore castles, the fairy grotto, ancient monuments built by an old Michigan civilization and many more. If you enjoy exploration and have an interest in the unusual, you will appreciate Mystic Michigan Part 4. It’s great to take on vacations or field trips. Add excitement to your study of Michigan history with Mystic Michigan Part 4 and all the Mystic Michigan Series books.

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