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Mystic Michigan Part One

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Did you know that there are places in Michigan where you can place your car in neutral at the bottom of a hill and your car will seem to roll uphill? What about water running uphill, sinking cities, floating islands, bottom-less lakes or natural underwater passages?! Have you heard of it raining fish in Michigan, tornados of fire or green sunsets? These are not “Michigan Mirages”, but you can learn about those too. As a tourist guide and study reference to historical Michigan, all readers will enjoy discovering the true uniqueness of the state of Michigan and learn about its unsolved, scientific mysteries and strange historical facts. MYSTIC MICHIGAN explores actual natural phenomenon and strange oddities that exist all throughout the state that you can visit and experience yourself. If you enjoy exploration and have a flare for the unusual, you will appreciate MYSTIC MICHIGAN. It is great to take on vacations, weekend trips or just an evening drive. Pique your child’s interest in the state of Michigan with MYSTIC MICHIGAN as your guide for field trips and add more adventure and excitement to the study of Michigan History.

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