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Mystic Michigan Part Six

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Can you imagine that there is a place in Michigan where a whisper, placed along the water’s surface, can be heard a quarter of a mile or more away? Did you know that there is a strange whirlpool current phenomenon that can be seen near Drummond Island? Have you heard of Michigan’s underwater mountains, singing sands or underwater maze? If not, then Mystic Michigan Part 6 is the book for you. Mystic Michigan Part 6 will lead you on many adventures, creating priceless memories with family and friends at no cost! How about visiting a giant Michigan gemstone that stands 375 feet above street level? Or visit a whimsical valley where streams come out of the ground and cascaded over mini waterfalls. Learn about Durant’s abandoned castle, mysterious flying campfires, ancient “parking lots” and many, many more. From an underground factory and a bizarre lighting phenomenon called Paris lights to meteorite fires and singing sands, Mystic Michigan Part 6 explores it all. Add Mystic Michigan Part 6 to your collections of books in the Mystic Michigan Series.

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