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Range of Opportunity

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Range of Opportunity
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Range of Opportunity: A Historic Study of the Copper Range Company by Richard A. Fields.

Hardcover.  126 pages.
Genres:  nonfiction, historical.


History of the Copper Range Co., founded by William A. Payne (co-founder of the brokerage firm Payne-Webber). The Copper Range, along with the Quincy Mining Co. and the Calumet-Hecla Mining Co. dominated the Lake Superior copper mining industry. Operating initially on the Baltic lode, Copper Range survived the rapid decline of the area in the 1920s and the Great Depression to find a new lease on life by shifting in the 1950s away from native copper to the copper chalcolite of its White Pine operations. This book is the first significant look at the history of this important mining company. With appendices detailing production, profits and dividends.