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Rock Down, Coal Up / Hardcover

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Rock Down, Coal Up: The Story of the Quincy and Torch Lake Railroad by Chuck Pomazal.

Hardcover.  155 pages.
Genres:  history, nonfiction.


“Rock Down, Coal Up”, by Chuck Pomazal is a pictorial history of the Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad, a narrow gauge line that was owned by the Quincy Mining Company for the sole purpose of hauling the copper-bearing rock down to the Stampmill, 6 miles away from the mine, and bringing coal back up to feed the Boilerhouses which produced the steam to operate the hoists and compressors.  The book chronicles the entire story of the railroad from its beginning in 1888 through the end of operations in 1945.  It is abundantly illustrated with over 200 photographs as well as 28 technical drawings of the railroad equipment.  The book is a great source of information for history enthusiasts and model railroaders.

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