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The Hidden Hand

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The Hidden Hand: That Which Has Been Concealed by the Mitten by Mark Jager.

Paperback.  64 pages.
Genres:  mystery.


After thousands of years an ancient mystery seems to be in the process of unraveling. Strange discoveries and odd phenomenon have come forth from the Great Lakes region. Some were found beneath the Great Lakes, while others came from the land and the atmosphere. Most of the discoveries and phenomenon were reported by major news networks such as CNN. Events are taking place that baffle researchers, and confound the experts. Many of the things taking place seem related and interconnected. A pattern seems to be emerging, and it appears to be spelling something out. Is it, or is it just a grand coincidence? If it is a code, is mankind being warned of something that’s going to happen in the future? Or, are they being reminded of something that happened in the distant past? An unusual call from a scientist has revealed an ancient event that happened in Michigan that may be a key in solving an enigma. Some believe that a sign was placed on the Earth thousands of years ago as an ensign to the nations. You must decide for yourself what you believe concerning…the hidden hand.

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