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Waterfalls of Michigan The Collection (Revised)

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Waterfalls of Michigan The Collection (Revised) by Phil Stagg.

Paperback.  371 pages.
Genres:  travel literature.


Michigan has a surprising number of waterfalls! This book looks at 211 of the best and easiest to access. County by county, the waterfalls are documented in an amazingly organized fashion. Plan your routes to many of Michigan's most sought after natural treasures. This improved version of the highly acclaimed original includes NEVER BEORE PUBLISHED waterfalls. Which waterfalls are winter accessible or dog friendly? This information has been added as well!

Enjoy 211 of the best and easiest waterfalls found in Michigan. Spectacular pictures, detailed maps for driving and hiking, GPS coordinates and SO MUCH MORE is packed into this guidebook. This contains about 30 percent of the waterfalls found in the four book series, Waterfalls of Michigan - The Definitive Guide.

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