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Wild About Michigan Birds

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Wild About Michigan Birds: For Bird Lovers of All Ages by Adele Porter.

Paperback.  200 pages.
Genres:  field guide.


Learn about the birds of Michigan with this family-friendly guide that spotlights 70 species.

Share the fun of birdwatching with the whole family! Wild About Michigan Birds introduces 70 birds of the Great Lake State. You’ll get identification tips and information on each species’ favorite foods, interesting behaviors, songs and calls, life cycle, migration patterns, and more. The book is organized by habitat and divided into four sections: coniferous forests, deciduous forests, prairies, and water areas. Within each section, entries for the birds that live there are arranged from smallest to largest.

With information by Adele Porter, an award-winning author and science educator, you’ll get to know the bird basics. Plus, you’ll learn tips on birding, such as how to watch birds, when to watch them, and where to do it. Entries about a variety of species—including the American Goldfinch, Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Wild Turkey, and more—are supplemented by activity ideas that include journaling, taking photographs, visiting nature centers, and going birding!

Book Features:

  • Fun, engaging pages that entertain kids and adults
  • Easy-to-use format with birds arranged by habitat and size
  • Large photographs for simple bird identification
  • Fun facts and exercises for kids, like “Gross Factor” and “Do the Math”

For family-friendly activities and classroom learning, this book is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the outdoors. You’ll reach for Wild About Michigan Birds again and again.

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